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  • 008-120-13SP

    Duplex Alternator
    MPE Alternating Relays are designed to perform automatic alternation motors or other types of loads, and are available in 120 VAC. The Alternator causes the loads to have even run times. The output relay contacts of the Alternating Sequence Relay change state each time the control switch is opened. Many wiring options are available for these Duplex Alternators as well as these hardware options for the Sequencer: (1) A lead/lag/automatic selector switch and (2) A push-to-test switch for added convenience or trouble shooting.

  • Triplex Alternator

    Part Number 009-120-23 is a 120 VAC Triplex Alternator.
    This Alternating Relay is a 3 input, 2 or 3 output, solid state Alternator that equalizes output load operational time. The opening of switch SW1 on pin 4 causes the Alternating Sequence Relay to change to the next sequence in preparation for the next cycle. For each cycle, the Three Pump Sequencers outputs are turned on in a 1-2-3, 2-3-1 or 3-1-2 sequence, as switches SW1-SW3 are closed. A load select switch permits the Triplex Alternator to be used as a duplex alternator until system expansion requires Triplex operation.

  • Product Image - Mounting Bracket Kit

    The Small Case Mounting Bracket kit provides a simple and economical method of securing an Alternating Relay to the deadfront door of a control panel. This brings the Lead/lag/Automatic switch and the Push-to-Test switch options to the deadfront without having to add additional switches, contact blocks, or wiring labor.