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  • MPE Wireless Transducers - LM Transmitter

    The Wireless Transducer Transmitter shall perform liquid level measurement and sends the data by radio signal to the Receiver. The wireless transducer transmitter shall consist of two parts, connected by a cable; the Transmitter and the Pressure Sensor. The Transmitter shall be suspended above the liquid, and the Pressure Sensor shall be submerged in the liquid near the bottom of the tank.

  • MPE Wireless Transducers - LM Receiver

    The Wireless Transducer Receiver (WTR420) shall read the liquid level information in the radio signal from the nearby Wireless Transducer Transmitter and provide an analog 4-20mA output and SCADA register data representing the liquid level being monitored. The Receiver shall obtain the liquid level by radio signal from the Pressure Sensor, which shall be submerged near the bottom of the tank, and connected by cable to the Wireless Transducer Transmitter.