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The SC1000 Station Controller is a panel mount SCADA ready pump controller designed to perform level control in a wide range of lift station applications. The SC1000 level controller operates the pumps based on selected setup values and the wet well level signal. The source of the level input signal is menu selectable as either a 4-20 mA transducer or a 10 point conductance probe. The SC1000 alternates the pumps, performs lag pump delays, provides high and low alarms, and has a variety control options available in the setup menu to customize the controller to the application. Connecting the RS-232 serial port (or optional Ethernet Port) to a SCADA system allows the lift station to be monitored and controlled remotely.
Unit of Measure


UL File No.

N/A #E101681

Product Type

N/A SC1000, 3 Pump Level Controller

Maximum Input Power

N/A 13.0 V·A

Input Voltage (AC)

N/A 120 V

Input Voltage Tolerance

N/A ± 10%

Agency Approval


Ambient Operating Temperature

N/A -20 to +65 ºC

Level Display

N/A 3 Digit, 7 Segment LED

Level Display Range

N/A 0 to 999 ft. (Decimal Pt. Position Selectable)


N/A White with Blue Lettering

Relay Output

N/A 6 A

Analog Input for Level

N/A 4-20 mA, 250 ohm Load, Transient Protected

Power for Discrete Inputs

N/A 24 VDC, Unregulated, Transient Protected

Power for Analog Input

N/A 20 V Regulated, Transient Protected

Power for Level Probe

N/A ± 8 V Square Wave, 60Hz

Cutout Dimensions

N/A 6.0 x 7.5 in


N/A Add "-S" to part number for Isolated Analog Input
Add "-E" to part number for Ethernet Port



  • All Setup Parameter Values May be Viewed or Changed From the Front of Unit
  • 120 VAC input power
  • Level Input Source - Menu Selectable
    Analog Level Input (4-20mA from Pressure Transducer)
    - Level Probe (Conductance Probe with 10 Electrodes)
  • 20 VDC Power for Analog Level Input Loop
  • 6 Amp Relay Outputs for: Pump Call, High Level, and Low Level Alarms
  • RS-232 Serial Port, Modbus RTU Protocol
  • Alternation Modes - Menu Selectable
    • Standard Alternation
    • Pump 1 Always Lead - Stays On with Other Pumps
    • Pump 1 Always Lead - Turns Off with Other Pumps On
    • Split Alternation - Pumps 1 & 2, and Pumps 3 Always Last
    • Fixed Sequence - Pump 1 Always Leads
    • Stepped On/Off - Only One Pump Runs at a Time
  • Alternation - First On - Last Off or First On - First Off
  • Alternator Logic Skips Disabled Pumps
  • Remembers Lead Pump Position During Power Outage
  • Timed [1 minute] Level Simulation
  • Plug-inStyle Connectors
  • 12 Discrete Inputs that can be Programmed for the Following Functions :
    • Pump Disable with HOA in OFF, or Pump Fault
    • External Lead Pump Selector Switch
    • All Pump Disable - for Connection to Phase Monitor
    • Limit Number of Pumps Called While on Emergency Power
    • Alternation by External Time Clock
    • Freeze Wet Well Level During Bubbler Tube Purge
    • Float Switch Backup
    • A Variety of Telemetry Functions
  • Status of Discrete Inputs May Be Viewed From Front of Controller
  • Wetwell Flush Cycle Feature to reduce sludge build-up within the wetwell
  • Flow Calculator Feature for Latest Inflow Rate, Average Daily Flow, and Pump Outflow Rate
  • Unused Output Relays programmable via SCADA for additional control uses