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The Exerciser® reads the state of the Float Switch and turns the pump ON when the Float Switch closes, and turns the pump OFF when the Float Switch opens. If the pump has not run for 7 days, The Exerciser® will automatically exercise the pump for 3 seconds. The 7 day exercise time delay is reset each time the pump is called to run by the Float Switch.

The Exerciser® also detects if a foreign object is keeping the pump from turning freely by monitoring both the motor inrush current and the motor run current. If The Exerciser® detects a fault condition, it turns the pump off, turns on the audible alarm, flashes the Run/Fault LED, and closes the alarm relay contact. One minute after a fault condition is first detected, The Exerciser® will again attempt to start the pump. If the fault is detected the second time, The Exerciser® wait one more minute and then try a third time to start the pump. If the pump starts and runs normally, the fault history clears after thirty minutes. If the pump fails to start and run the third time, the fault condition remains present until the reset button is depressed.

The Test/Reset push-button has two functions: If there is no fault present, pressing the button will start the 3 second Pump Exercise cycle, and reset the exercise time delay for 7 more days. If a fault alarm is present, pressing the button will silence the buzzer and reset the alarm, allowing normal operation. (Assuming that the pump is free of any obstruction.)

The SPEX-1 is a simple home alarm system for basement protection. With the sump pump alarm contact it is also the perfect fit for truck loading docks, elevator sump areas, and dry pit sump areas.

Reminder: Always unplug pump from Exerciser® when inspecting pump.

Unit of Measure


Supply Voltage

N/A 115 VAC ± 10 %

Supply Phase

N/A Single Phase

Supply Frequency

N/A 50/60 Hz

Maximum Power Consumption

N/A 3.8 V·A
Pump Output Rating1 N/A 1/2 hp
Alarm Contact Rating2 N/A 6 A
Alarm Buzzer Rating3 N/A 90 dB

Float Switch Input Voltage

N/A 2.0 VDC ± 10 %

Operating Temperature

N/A +10 to +32 ºC

Storage Temperature

N/A -45 to +85 ºC

Enclosure Material

N/A Black Plastic



  • Exercises Sump and Sewage Pumps for:
    Elevator Sump Areas
    Truck Loading Docks
    Dry Pit Sump Areas
  • Automatically operates Pump for 3 seconds every 7 days.
  • Provides Float Switch Input for On/Off level control of Pump.
  • Provides Power On and Pump Run LED indication.
  • Detects when a foreign object keeps the Pump from turning freely, turns the Pump off, and activates the Fault Alarm.
  • Provides Audible Alarm with flashing LED indication as well as Alarm Contact for connection to building Alarm System.
  • Test/Reset Push-button to test Pump operation or to reset Alarm.
  • Designed for 115 V Pumps up to and including 1/2 HP.

General Specification

N/A The Exerciser® has been designed to regularly energize Sump and Sewage Pumps rated 115 VAC, 1/2 HP, that may go for extended periods of time without being run. By periodically exercising sump pumps that may otherwise sit for an extended period of time, The Exerciser® keeps your sump and/or sewage pump ready to go.

The Exerciser® (SPEx-1) works with any piggy-back float operated sump or sewage pumps by energizing the pump for approximately 3 seconds every 7 days. Simply disconnect the piggy-back float from the pump, and plug the pump and the piggy-back float switch into the SPEx-1, then plug the SPEx-1 into the wall outlet.

The Exerciser® contains power-on, pump run, and pump fault indication; as well as an alarm contact for connection to a building alarm system. The alarm for The Exerciser® consists of an audible piezo horn, an alarm contact, and a combination push-to-test button for silencing the alarm and testing the unit. The Exerciser® verifies that the pump has started via the pump current drawn, and will give a fault indication if the pump fails to start.

The Exerciser® has been designed to provide the homeowner or business peace of mind by ensuring their sump or sewage pump will run when it is called to do so, and to give an alarm when the pump fails to run. The Exerciser® has been designed for applications including home sumps, basement ejectors, elevator sumps, loading docks, and dry pit sump applications.

  • 1 @ 115 VAC
  • 2 @ 120 VAC
  • 3 @ 30 cm