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  • ISD-Pic-161018

    The Intrinsically Safe Duplexer (ISD-P, ISD-D, or ISD-S) is a UL913 low cost SCADA ready intrinsically safe pump controller designed to perform level control for duplex lift station applications.

    The I.S. Float Input Controller comes in one of three options: Surface Mount, Din Rail Mount, or Panel Mount. The I.S. Level Probe Input Controller comes standard with a serial port and has an optional Ethernet port.

    The controller's level inputs may be connected to either five float switches, five single point conductance probes, or five selected points on a ten point conductance probe.

    The level inputs are intrinsically safe and allow maintenance personnel to safely handle the float switches or conductance probes while the unit is in operation.

  • Product Image - Instrinsically Safe Relay

    The Intrinsically Safe Relay ISR provides a safe and reliable method of load control when interfaced with a contact closure in a hazardous location. When the control switch input is closed between pins 1 and 8, the output relay becomes energized, and the LED is illuminated. When the control switch input is open, the output relay is de-energized, and the LED is turned off. This IS Relay is UL913 and provides intrinsically safe circuits for use in Class I, Groups A, B, C, D Class II, Groups E, F, G and Class III - Hazardous Locations. The socket is included with the Intrinsically Safe Float Relay.

  • ISB

    The ISB10 provides a UL913 intrinsically safe barrier between a 10 channel conductance probe in a hazardous location and pump controls in a non-hazardous area. The Level Probe Barrier is designed to allow the level sense signal (±12 V square wave) from the pump control device to pass through unchanged. If an accident or malfunction occurs in the control panel that would potentially connect spark-inducing energy to the probe wiring in the wet well, the IS Barrier clamps to limit the voltage and current to a safe level. The 10 Channel Probe Barrier has a fuse in each channel that is capable of disconnecting the barrier from a high energy source that may be present in the control panel.