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Small Case Version
The 008-120-12 series of alternators were designed for automatic duplex control of motors or other types of loads. They are available in a single phase voltage of 120 VAC. When power is applied to the alternator, the DPDT output relay contacts change state each time the control voltage is disconnected. (The relay contacts are NOT cross wired in this series of alternators.) The "SP" Version has two options: (1) a lead/lag/automatic selector switch and (2) a push-to-test switch for added convenience in testing or trouble shooting.
Unit of Measure



N/A Lead / Lag Select Push-To-Test

UL File No.

N/A #E101681

Product Type

N/A 1 Phase, Plug in Alternator

Operating Voltage (AC)

N/A 120 V

Relay and Base Type

N/A DPDT, 11 Pin Round Base

Supply Frequency

N/A 50/60 Hz

Output Current Rating

N/A 10 A

Power Dissipation

N/A < 1 Watt

Case Size

N/A Short

Operating Temperature

N/A -20 to +60 ºC

Storage Temperature

N/A -45 to +85 ºC

Enclosure Material

N/A Polycarbonate Plastic

Base Material

N/A Phenolic