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The Small Case Mounting Bracket kit provides a simple and economical method of securing an Alternating Relay to the deadfront door of a control panel. This brings the Lead/lag/Automatic switch and the Push-to-Test switch options to the deadfront without having to add additional switches, contact blocks, or wiring labor.
Unit of Measure

Typical Applications

N/A Alternator Test Switch on the Deadfront Lead Select Switch on the Deadfront


Available Sockets

N/A 8 Pin Reverse Mount - P3G-08 11 Pin Reverse Mount - P3GA-11



  • Sturdy aluminum construction.
  • Durable fine textured white painted finish.
  • Stainless steel stud pressed fit into bracket faceplate.
  • Mounting hardware included.

Installation Instruction


1 Attach both Z-brackets to Alternator.
2 Cut and drill holes in panel door per installation template.
3 Hold the bezel over front of hole cut into deadfront.
4 Insert the Alternator through the back of hole.
5 Fasten assembly to panel door using hardware provided.

Cost Savings

N/A Punch one hole, attach bracket kit. Compare this to material costs of two switches, multiple contact blocks, labor to wire from deadfront door to Alternator, plus engineering time drawing switches into electrical schematic.