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The Dual Voltage Phase Monitor automatically selects which voltage-scale to operate from, either 200-240 VAC or 425-525 VAC. Part numbers: 001-DVM-118, 001-DVM-1212, 002-230-123, 002-480-123 and 001-DVM-DR are Three Phase Monitors used for Motor Protection.
When proper voltage is connected to the Phase Monitor, the internal relay of the Phase Monitor Relay will be energized and the LED will come on steady. An abnormal condition in the Phase Failure Relay will cause the LED to blink during the trip delay. When the trip delay has expired the internal relay of the Phase Loss Relay will be de-energized. Neutral wires are NOT required.
Unit of Measure


UL File No.

N/A #E101681

Operating Voltage (AC)

N/A 230 V480 V

Relay Type


Base Terminal Configuration

N/A Plug in 12 Pin Rectangular

Socket Type

N/A 12 Pin Rectangular, SD 12-PC

Under Voltage Trip

N/A - 15% of Setting for 230V, -10% for 480V

Under Voltage Reset

N/A -12% of Setting for 230V, -8% for 480V

Over Voltage Trip

N/A +15% of Setting for 230V, -10% for 480V

Over Voltage Reset

N/A +12% of Setting for 230V, -8% for 480V

Phase Unbalance Trip

N/A 5% with 5 Second Trip Delay

Phase Unbalance Reset

N/A 4 %

Trip Delay

N/A 5 sec. (Delay is reduced to less than 1 sec if Phase Imbalance is 15% or greater.)

Reset Delay

N/A 2 sec. (Standard)

Voltage Ranges

N/A 200 to 240 V425 to 525 V

Output Rating at 240V (AC)

N/A 10A Resistive

Operating Temperature

N/A -40 to +50 ºC

Storage Temperature

N/A -45 to +85 ºC

Enclosure Material

N/A White Lexan

Base Material

N/A Blue Lexan

Protects Against

N/A Under Voltage Phase Loss Phase Imbalance Phase Reversal

Customer Options

N/A OV = Over Voltage G5 = 5 Second Reset Delay G10 = 10 Second Reset Delay G20 = 20 Second Reset Delay G30 = 30 Second Reset Delay G60 = 60 Second Reset Delay

Additional Description

Additional Description

N/A The LED of the Three Phase Monitoring Relay will then provide a series of pulses that indicate which fault condition is present. When conditions return to normal, the LED of the Phase Sensing Relay will blink during the reset delay. When the reset delay has expired, the LED will come on steady and the internal relay will be energized. The reset delay is also active immediately after power is turned on to the unit. These units can be used on Delta or Wye systems, 50/60 Hz. These Phase Monitors come in either 230 VAC or 480 VAC, and are also available as a Dual Voltage Phase Monitor.