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The PMR2 Pump Monitor Relay shall provide Motor Over Temperature and Seal Leakage alarms in one unit for Xylem Flygt Submersible Pumps equipped with FLS or CLS sensors. The PMR2 shall be capable of being powered by either 120VAC, 24VAC, or 24VDC, and shall provide relay contacts rated for 8 Amps at 120VAC.

The PMR2 shall be able to be mounted on the deadfront door of the control panel so that the deadfront door need not be opened to see the status of either the Seal Leakage condition or the Pump Over-Temperature status.

The front of the PMR2 shall contain an LED indicator for power, an LED indicator for a Seal Leakage condition, and an LED indicator for an Over-Temperature condition.

The front of the PMR2 shall also contain a selector switch to choose between "Auto Reset" and "Manual Reset". There shall be an Over-Temperature Reset pushbutton to reset the Pump Monitor relay once the Over-Temperature condition has cleared.

Upon a High Motor Temperature condition, the sensor shall open so that the sensor circuit current drops to zero. With the sensor current below the Trip Point (=3.0 mA ±5%), the Overtemp Indication shall be turned on, and the Temperature Alarm Relay shall be de-energized, preventing pump operation.

When the High Motor Temperature condition has cleared, the PMR2 shall reset based upon the position of Alarm Reset Mode Select Switch (Auto or Manual). With the switch in the Auto position, the Overtemp Alarm shall reset automatically. With the switch in the Manual position, the Overtemp Reset Push-button must be pushed to clear the alarm.

Upon a Seal Leakage condition, the sensor current shall increase above the Trip Point (=22 mA ±5%), the Leakage Indication shall be turned on, and the Leakage Alarm Relay shall be energized.
Unit of Measure


Maximum Input Power

N/A 24 VAC ± 10% 24 VDC ± 10% 120 VAC ± 10% 125.0 mA3.5 V·A7.0 V·A

Resistive Output Rating at 120 V (AC)

N/A 10 A

Operating Temperature

N/A -20 to 65 ºC

Storage Temperature

N/A -45 to +85 ºC

Sensor Circuit Voltage

N/A 12 VDC ± 10%

Temperature Alarm Trip Point

N/A ≤ 3.0 mA ± 5%

Leak Alarm Trip Point

N/A ≥ 22 mA ± 5%

Enclosure Material

N/A White Lexan

Base Material

N/A Phenolic

Sensor Output Current

N/A ≥ 22 mA≤ 3.0 mA


N/A 8 A

Voltage (AC)

N/A 24 V120 V

Sensor Output

N/A ± 5 %

Nominal Voltage (DC)

N/A 24 V

Additional Description

N/A The PMR2 applies 12 VDC to the sensor and measures the current flow through the sensor. The sensor controls the current in the circuit. If the sensor current is in the normal range the Temperature Alarm Relay is energized to allow normal pump operation. If the sensor circuit becomes shorted, the 12 VDC is turned off and all LEDs flash. With the sensor current below the Trip Point, the Overtemp Indication is turned on. If the sensor current increases above the Trip Point, the Leakage Indication is turned on.

The PMR2 has two mounting options and comes with an 11 pin reverse socket for deadfront mounting.