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The Adjustable Transmitter is a device used in an analog current loop to test a 4-20mA Input, calibrate or demo equipment. The 4-20mA Current Simulator is a current simulator/loop simulator, which simulates an analog field device such as a Pressure Transducer or Temperature Transmitter. When placed in the analog current loop, the loop powered 4-20mA simulator regulates the current in the loop to the setting on the knob from 4 to 20 mA. When a more precise setting is required, place an ammeter in the current loop to display the loop current.
Unit of Measure


Operating Voltage Range (DC)

N/A 10 to 35 V

Internal Fuse Current

N/A 1/8 A

Internal Fuse Voltage

N/A 125 V

Internal Fuse Type

N/A Fast Acting, Solder-In Type

Transient Voltage Protection

N/A Transient Suppressor, 1500 W

Maximum Loop Impedance

N/A 600 ohm


N/A 3.29 x 2.11 x 2 in

Operating Temperature

N/A -18 to +77 ºC

Typical Applications

N/A Calibrate equipment having a 4-20 mA analog input Product Demo Unit that requires a 4-20 mA analog input to be varied for demonstration purposes Simulate the 4-20 mA signal from a field device when testing control equipment



  • High Impact Polystyrene Case
  • Aluminum Face Plate with White Lexan Overlay
  • Single Turn Potentiometer
  • 4-20 mA Scale
  • Transient Voltage Protection
  • Replaceable Internal Fuse
  • Internal Series Diode
  • Zero and Span Calibration
  • Potentiometers with Front Access