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  • MPE-Family-of-Probes

    The Wet Well Probe provides a rugged, safe, reliable and cost-effective means to measure liquid level for water and waste water pumping applications. The Level Measurement Liquid Level Conductance Probe may be ordered standard with one, three or ten electrodes with various spacing, two cable lengths, and come blue and white. We also make Custom Probes, with some exceptions. These Wet Well Sticks are UL913 and Intrinsically Safe for use in Class 1, Groups A, B, C, D. Class II, Groups E, F, G. Class III, Hazardous Locations when installed with Intrinsically Safe Barrier, MPE Model ISB10, in accordance with the MPE Drawing 0303.

  • LPR-1

    The Level Probe Relay (LPR-1) senses liquid level and provides a relay output for controlling a pump or level alarm. The unit is a, DPDT, 12 pin plug-in, has two inputs, an ON and an OFF, for connection to two electrodes of a conductance probe. All setup is easily done using the DIP switches on the unit.

    When used for a level alarm the ON and OFF inputs may be connected to the same electrode on the probe, or the ON input may be used by itself. When used for pump control the ON and OFF inputs are typically connected to two different level probe electrodes to provide a latching function.

  • LPC420 Level Probe Converter

    The Level Probe Converter is a 4-20mA converter for use with your Probe Level Measurement device. The Conductance Probe Converter comes in either Din Rail mount or Panel mount/Deadfront mount versions. The Probe Signal Converter can be ordered with or without relays in four total different options: LPC420, LPC420R, LPC420-RM, or LPC420R-RM.

  • MPE Level Monitor

    The Level Monitor submersible transducer shall provide a rugged and cost-effective means to measure liquid level for wastewater pumping applications. The Submersible Pressure Transmitter is a vented Transducer with a birdcage design that comes in three base options: LM-5-40, LM-10-40, or LM-15-60; additional cable is available.

  • MPE TVB1 Transducer Vent Bellows

    The Transducer Vent Bellows (TVB1) shall be used to replace desiccant protection for a submersible transducer vent tube against the entry of moisture. The bellows/moisture barrier shall allow normal atmospheric pressure changes to be transmitted to the transducer element without letting moisture latent air into the vent tube. A small hose shall be used to connect the TVB1 unit to the transducer vent tube of the submersible transducer.

  • MPE LM Surge Transducer Surge Arrester

    The Transducer Surge Arrester, part number LM SURGE, shall be a Din-Rail Surge Arrestor that provides transducer protection of the 4-20 mA loop. The LM Surge shall be a thin packaged din-rail enclosed device, taking only minimal space within the control panel. The unit will be UL497B listed and have 4-20 mA protection.

  • Wireless-Transducer

    Wireless Transducer Transmitter
    The Wireless Pressure Transducer Transmitter shall perform liquid level measurement and sends the data by radio signal to the Receiver. The wireless Level Monitor Submersible Transducer shall consist of two parts, connected by a cable; the Transmitter and the 4-20mA Level Sensor. The Transmitter shall be suspended above the liquid, and the Pressure Sensor shall be submerged in the liquid near the bottom of the tank, to give you wireless level sensing. The Birdcage Transducer provides a conduit free wireless sensing setup.

    Wireless Transducer Receiver
    The Wireless Transducer Receiver shall read the liquid level information in the radio signal from the nearby Wireless Transducer Transmitter and provide an analog 4-20mA output and SCADA register data representing the liquid level being monitored. The Receiver shall obtain the liquid level by radio signal from the Pressure Sensor, which shall be submerged near the bottom of the tank, and connected by cable to the Wireless Transducer Transmitter.

  • Level Probe Surge Arresters

    The Level Probe Surge Arrester provides transient surge protection for the control inputs of any of MPE's pump control devices that have conductance probe inputs for level measurement.

    The unit has ten channels and may be used with any of MPE's ten electrode conductance probes (Level Probes), but can also be used with single electrode, or three electrode probes.

    Each channel has an MOV (Metal-Oxide Varistor) that is capable of shunting large transient currents to ground (up to 1000 Amps).

    Following each MOV is a TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode) capable of limiting the voltage going to the controls inputs from going beyond ± 26V.

    Between each MOV and TVS is a 100 Ω, 5 Watt wirewound resistor that protects the TVS from excessive voltages and currents not stopped by the MOV.

    The grounding terminal on the LPSA10 must be connected to the control panel ground by a 12 AWG.