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The Transducer Vent Bellows (TVB1) shall be used to replace desiccant protection for a submersible transducer vent tube against the entry of moisture. The bellows/moisture barrier shall allow normal atmospheric pressure changes to be transmitted to the transducer element without letting moisture latent air into the vent tube. A small hose shall be used to connect the TVB1 unit to the transducer vent tube of the submersible transducer.
Unit of Measure


Bellows Material

N/A Silicone

Tube Material

N/A Clear Polycarbonate

Dinrail Mounting Clip

N/A 35 mm

For use with Vent Tube Diameter

N/A 0.060 in

Operating Temperature

N/A 32 to 140 ºF

Additional Description

N/A The use of a desiccant container for attaching to the vent tube to prevent moisture in the air from entering the vent tube shall not be considered equal. Desiccant type devices must be periodically replaced or serviced to remain effective.

Ceramic vent filters attached to the vent tube shall not be considered equal. The ceramic filter devices block water as a liquid from entering the vent tube, but they do not block water vapor.

Without adequate protection of the vent tube, moisture from warm air will enter the vent tube and migrate down to the transducer body. As the transducer body is typically cooler than the warmer air, the water vapor in the warm air may condense into liquid. The use of the TVB1 Transducer Vent Bellows is the most effective method for preventing moisture intrusion into a submersible transducer.