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The Wet Well Probe provides a rugged, safe, reliable and cost-effective means to measure liquid level for water and waste water pumping applications. The Level Measurement Liquid Level Conductance Probe may be ordered standard with one, three or ten electrodes with various spacing, two cable lengths, and come blue and white. We also make Custom Probes, with some exceptions. These Wet Well Sticks are UL913 and Intrinsically Safe for use in Class 1, Groups A, B, C, D. Class II, Groups E, F, G. Class III, Hazardous Locations when installed with Intrinsically Safe Barrier, MPE Model ISB10, in accordance with the MPE Drawing 0303.
Unit of Measure


Probe Length "A"

N/A 52 in

No. of Electrodes

N/A 10

Spacing Between Electrode "D"

N/A 5 in

Cable Length

N/A 50 ft

Electrode Material

N/A Avesta 254 SMO High Grade Stainless Steel Alloy

Probe Casing Material

N/A PVC, Blue and White


N/A PVC/PVC, 10-Conductor, Outer Color Blue

Individual Conductors

N/A 18 AWG, Tinned Copper, Numbered

Operating Temperature

N/A +32 to +140 ºF