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The Transducer Surge Arrester, part number LM SURGE, shall be a Din-Rail Surge Arrestor that provides transducer protection of the 4-20 mA loop. The LM Surge shall be a thin packaged din-rail enclosed device, taking only minimal space within the control panel. The unit will be UL497B listed and have 4-20 mA protection.
Unit of Measure


Degree of Protection

N/A IP20

UL Rating

N/A UL497B

ATEX Approvals

N/A DEKRA 12ATEX0254 X: II 3 G Ex nA IIC T4 Gc

IECEx Approvals

N/A DEKRA 11ATEX0089 X: II 3 G Ex nA

Test Standards

N/A EN61643-21 IEC 61643-21 UL497B

IEC61643-21 Test Category

N/A C2 C3 D1

SIL Classification


Nominal Voltage (UN)

N/A 24 V

Maximum Continuous Operating DC Voltage (UC)

N/A 33 V


N/A Via Din-Rail

Series Impedance per Line

N/A 1.8 ohm

Capacitance Line to Line

N/A ≤ 0.5 nF

Operating Temperature

N/A -40 to 80 ºC

Conductors (Flexible)

N/A 14 to 28 AWG

Dinrail Mounting Clip

N/A 35 mm

Terminal Torque

N/A 3.5 lb/in

Sensor Output Current

N/A 4 to 20 mA

Pin Size

N/A 1.1 ft2.2 ft3.3 ft4.4 ft

Additional Description

N/A The LM Surge product shall protect two 4-20mA signals, one signal protected via pins 1.1' and 2.2' and a second signal protected by pins 3.3' and 4.4'. The LM Surge product can be used in both standard and intrinsically safe applications. The LM Surge product is not an Intrinsically Safe Barrier, but shall be designed to provide surge protection for Zone 2 intrinsically safe applications.

The LM SURGE Arrester shall have a removable protection module that can be easily removed and replaced. The design shall contain "make before break" terminals that assure continuity of the 4-20mA signal in both the protected and unprotected state.

The LM SURGE product shall be UL497B rated, shall have a nominal rating of 24VDC, a maximum voltage rating of 33VDC, a series impedance of 1.8 ohms per line, and shall be able to accept conductor sizes 14-28 AWG.