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The Wireless Transducer Transmitter shall perform liquid level measurement and sends the data by radio signal to the Receiver. The wireless transducer transmitter shall consist of two parts, connected by a cable; the Transmitter and the Pressure Sensor. The Transmitter shall be suspended above the liquid, and the Pressure Sensor shall be submerged in the liquid near the bottom of the tank.
Unit of Measure


Enclosure Material


Operating Temperature

N/A -20 to 65 ºC

Radio Communication

N/A 2.4 GHz Operating Frequency ZigBee / IEEE 802.15.4


N/A Lithium, 3.6 V, Size “D”

Pressure Sensor

Pressure Sensor Enclosure Material

N/A 316 Stainless Steel

Cable Jacket Material

N/A Polyurethane

Pressure Sensor Operating Temperature

N/A 0 to 60 ºC


N/A ± 1.0 % Full Scale

Minimum Working Pressure

N/A 5.5 lb


Fitting Size

N/A 1/2 in NPT

Transducer Pressure Sensor

N/A When submersed in liquid, the Pressure Sensor shall convert the pressure exerted by the liquid into an analog voltage signal that shall represent the liquid level. The pressure sensor shall measure the absolute pressure, and the receiver shall contain a sensor to measure atmospheric pressure to make corrections for changes in the barometric pressure. These corrections to the barometric pressure shall be performed in the Receiver where the local atmospheric pressure is measured and subtracted from the absolute pressure signal.

A stainless steel diaphragm and silicone oil fill is provided to isolate and protect the pressure sensor from the liquid being measured. The weight of the Pressure Sensor acts to reduce its movement when placed in a moving liquid, and shall be a minimum of 5.5 lbs. A Strength Cord shall be part of the cable construction, proving the cable ample support for its weight. In applications where strong currents may be present, there shall be a 1/2" NPT fitting on top may be used to mount the transducer body in a fixed position. The Pressure Sensor and the Transmitter shall be connected together, tested and calibrated as a single unit. There shall be a number of pressures ranges and cable lengths available.

Additional Description

N/A The Transmitter shall transmit updated level data and battery condition data once every second. The transmitter shall conserve battery power by ensuring most of its circuitry is powered down and asleep between updates. After being asleep for one second, the Transmitter shall wake up, power up the Pressure Sensor, check the level, check the condition of the battery, and then transmits the new data to the Receiver. When this has been done, the transmitter shall go back to sleep.